The Buffalo News Review

“(Maraniss) knows that Detroit’s story is America’s story, that it’s failures and hopes are microcosmic versions of the nation’s. Never has that argument seemed clearer than in “Once in a Great City,” a book that does a great honor to the city that inspired it.” Read the full review here.

The National Journal

From Ron Brownstein’s “It Takes A City” piece for the National Journal: “Even in those years, De­troit suffered from se­greg­a­tion, dis­crim­in­a­tion, and in­equal­ity. But Gordy and Mo­town showed what’s pos­sible when the spark of private-sec­tor in­nov­a­tion is ap­plied to tal­ent that was sys­tem­at­ic­ally de­veloped by pub­lic and civic in­sti­tu­tions. That’s still the most prom­ising for­mula for re­con­nect­ing all of our com­munit­ies to op­por­tun­ity—even if it’s un­likely to again pro­duce the con­stel­la­tion of mu­sic­al bril­liance that Maran­iss so vividly re­cre­ates.” Read his full story here.

The Daily Beast Review

“Maraniss is a tireless and inventive interviewer, and his archival research is prodigious. He knows his subject cold. It all combines to turn this snapshot into a vivid, panoramic portrait of a city on the brink of a spectacular fall.” Read Bill Morris’ full review here.

Detroit Free Press Q&A

Here’s a Q&A with Julie Hinds of the Detroit Free Press on my Detroit roots, the various threads in Once In a Great City, and they city’s comeback. Also, an excerpt from the book details on upcoming appearances in Detroit.

Diane Rehm Show

Today I had the pleasure of talking to Diane Rehm for her popular NPR show. Listen to us talk about Detroit and Once in a Great City here.

NPR’s Marketplace

I spent a memorable day in Detroit with NPR’s Kai Ryssdal discussing Once in a Great City and my Detroit roots. The full Marketplace piece is here, along with some cool extras, including the Eminem commercial that first inspired me (and the story behind that inspiration).