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“The world of nonfiction writing is a continual graduate school. But only if you avoid the easier path, the lure of assumption and attitude, and open yourself to what can be an educational and fulfilling lifelong journey.”

Into the Story

A Writer’s Journey through Life, Politics, Sports and Loss

Into the Story is the first collection of the work of David Maraniss, one of the most honored and versatile writers of his generation. The thirty-two stories here cover a rich array of topics, ranging from seminal moments in modern history to intimate personal reflections, each piece illuminated by the author’s deep reporting and singular sensibility.

  • 304 pages
  • Simon & Schuster
  • Jan 2011
  • ISBN 9781439160039

A Bus Named Desire

Chapter One

New Orleans
It mattered not at all that is was a monstrous city bus with green plastic seats shaped to the contours of fat people, or that it was belching dark smoke, or that the electronic marquee above the bubble-glass windshield displayed destinations in dot-matrix letters that flashed by like time and temperature readings at a suburban bank. All that mattered was the destination of this bus approaching the curb near the corner of Canal and Royal, at the border of a skyscraper and French Quarter, reality and fantasy. It was a bus named Desire.

It was not a streetcar: The only one still operating is named St. Charles. It probably was not coming from the railroad station, and it certainly was not carrying any broken Mississippi belles like Blanche DuBois, with dainty beauty that must avoid strong light. Still, when a bus named Desire pulls over and opens its doors, the temptation is to pay the sixty cents and ride.